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Break Free of Sugar Addiction

Break Free of Sugar Addiction


If you are able to break free from sugar addiction, you will also have achieved a few other healthful benefits; it is highly possible that you would have lost weight, you would probably be eating more healthily, and you would no doubt have more energy. It really is in your best interests to escape immediately from struggling with continual weight gain, dieting on and off, energy crashes on a daily basis and your dependability on sweet foods. Before you help yourself to another donut and wash it down with a soda drink, believing there is nothing that can be done for your sugar-addition, there is – there are a few outstanding steps you can take, starting from today, that will genuinely restore your body back to health, starting from within to revitalize you and boost your energy and strength again.


Before giving you the important steps, you need to realize too, that it is time to overcome your sugar addiction. Lots of people realize that eating a lot of sugar isn’t exactly the best way to go about holding on to good health, and certainly, a lot of them don’t begin to understand precisely how dangerous a sugar addiction is. Are you sugar addicted? See if you are by looking at these signs and symptoms:


Is this you?



  • If you feel like you cannot go without candies and chocolates and cakes, etc.
  • When a bowl of ice-cream or one donut just doesn’t cut it anymore to get the satisfied feeling.
  • Sugar addiction isn’t only about sugar because all carbs get turned into sugar. Even though you have a sweet tooth, you want to eat pretzels or bread or potato chips like they’re going out of fashion
  • You keep exposing yourself to it, even though you know it isn’t good for your health, similarly like alcohol, cigarettes, the coffee machine, etc.
  • It is noted that if one of your parents suffered from dependence on alcohol, particularly your father, you might have a sweet-tooth dependency in your DNA.
  • You know it’s damaging to your health, but you still reach for seconds and thirds, even though you know your stomach will be aching and upset or you have feelings of guilt.
  • If you do decide to cut out sweets and you experience symptoms like moodiness, mental fog, headaches, even shaking, you could well be addicted to sugar


Why is the sugar addition so powerful?



There are those who will protest that sugar is natural, that’s why it can’t be so bad for you, right? And yes, saying that does hold true for certain foods, for instance like fruit where sugar does occur naturally. There are also plenty of nutrients therein as well. But unfortunately, most sugars that we consume today which aren’t produced naturally are very high-refined sugars, and packed into all the processed pre-packaged foods lining the shelves in your grocery store.


There is no dietary sugar requirement either. Dietary requirements are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Let’s put it bluntly – you should not and do not need sugar AT ALL in your diet. But the thing is, there is way too much sugar hidden in the foods we eat today on a daily basis. All this excess sugar can be indirectly or directly linked to the massive obesity epidemic that we see in our society today. Furthermore, people don’t even realize that it is these sugars that can be blamed for developmental problems in children, even behavioral and psychological problems in both children and adults. And then what do we do – we treat these problems with prescription drugs but continue with the sugar!


What is even more frightening is that dependence on sugar kind of creates the need for even more sugar. It’s true that you are not going to suddenly become obese overnight, or that heart disease is suddenly going to come upon you the next day or week – sugar addiction starts working on damaging your system slowly but surely, inch by inch. It is not long before a sugar addiction has taken grip and the sweet cravings are part and parcel of your everyday life.



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