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From Dr Charles Majors the Author of the Cancer Killers Book - Steve Jobs

From Dr Charles Majors the Author of the Cancer Killers Book

Lets get this straight- I had a woman email me this: I have spoken with my GYN oncologist regarding my desire to go an alternative route and he brought up Steve Jobs. As you may know, Steve Jobs put off surgery for 9 months to go the alternative route and regretted the delay. He had the wealth to travel the world to get all the alternative help and still died!

(My answer)
Your doctor was somewhat correct! The problem is he didn’t do his research like I did on Steve Jobs…here is an unbiased report about his choices, the reports were saying the same thing, Steve Jobs did alternative and put off conventional and died! He did but here are the facts:
1. He juiced!
2. He changed his diet to manly fruits and vegetables. (Fruit is full of sugar)!
3. He went to see psychics and spiritualists!
4. He did acupuncture!
Did he traveled to spain and spend weeks with the top doctors using top alternative protocols? No!

Did he even do 5% of what I did? No! (Make sure you read my protocols in my book Cancer Killers to see what I did)

So based on what he did, he changed his diet and saw some psychics, he continue to work (staying in non stop fast pace)…so that’s tough to use his case and base that on whether or not someone should do anything! That is an isolated case who didn’t follow much of anything that I have seen.

Either way, I would never suggest someone do either conventional or chemo, that is an individuals choice, I have seen both choices turn out in people living and dying…The key is to decide what is best for you…Steve Jobs died because he didn’t get to the Cause! He had a rare pancreatic cancer that required him to follow the 3 steps outlined in my book-

#1 Stop making the cancer first.

#2 Specifically and safely kill the cancer- using hyperthemia, ozone, etc.

#3 Raise the immune system.

My cancer was incurable, metastasized to my brain with weeks to live, whats the difference between me and Steve Jobs? I got to the cause and 3 years later Im bigger, better and stronger than ever!

Go to to see how to get to the cause



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  1. Irene Mazloom says
    Sep 26, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    I firmly believe in alternative medicine, especially chiropractic. I wish that Dr. Major's book, Cancer Killers, was available 27 years ago when my mom battled three kinds of cancer the conventional way for ten years. Cancer is an evil disease. Thank you Dr. Matt Herba for sharing this information.

  2. Dawn Cain says
    Oct 24, 2015 at 2:45 PM

    Im doing a low carb diet to reduce sugar and loose weight. Im now hearing about how protien raises igf 1 which causes cancer i think is what im reading. I am eating veggies but i am consuming a fair amount of meat i love it.. Is this now a concern will low carb cause cancer. Im not a scientist or guru just a normal person trying to better myself.. Any thoughts?

  3. MrsB says
    Jan 27, 2016 at 10:20 AM

    It is my understanding that Steve Jobs turned to alternative treatments following unsuccessful conventional treatment. It seems that his condition was too far advanced to have any lasting results.

  4. says
    Oct 10, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    Here is his webiste, and contact info

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