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Redbug Lake Road Chiropractor Helps Relieve Upper Back Pain Safely

Upper back pain can result from a number of things. It can be tension, an injury or herniated disc. It can be distracting and disabling, especially if it is chronic. A leading Redbug Lake Road FL Chiropractic clinic is the place for local people to turn to when they need help to alleviate this pain.

A most common reason for upper back problems is the result of soft tissue, muscle or ligament irritation or injury. Causative factors include overuse, trauma or a simple case of bad posture. Muscular pain can be relieved somewhat by spinal adjustments, massage or ice and heat applications.

The upper back is the thoracic spine located between the seventh cervical vertebra and the rest of your spine. This is a strong part of your spinal column and supports the upper body. Although strong, this thoracic spine can suffer herniation or injury.

In the case of a herniated disc causing the hurt, it is sometimes called a slipped disc. There is a gel-filled disc with a fibrous outer layer that cushions the vertebrae from rubbing against each other. When herniated, the disc or part of the disc bulges out from between the spinal bones.

This may be due to a subluxation, which is the chiropractic term for a misaligned spinal column. Often, gentle spinal adjustments will urge the bones into their correct position over time. These are done only after the chiropractor completes a comprehensive evaluation of the sufferers condition.

The first office appointment will be a time to ask and answer questions. There will be a physical examination of the entire spinal column. It is possible that an x-ray may be needed to clarify the condition.

Following that, the chiropractor can suggest a care plan to alleviate the pain. Spinal adjustments accompanied by massage and possibly mild exercises will be part of that plan. Something as simple as improving posture may add to the reduction in hurt felt in the upper back.

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