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Your Second Visit to Our Winter Springs Practice

On your next visit, we may need to do further testing, to see what level of chiropractic is right for you.

 During this time you may be shown specific, individualized spinal rebuilding exercises that will speed your healing. We will take time to explain in detail where your are, how we might help you reach your health goals,  and what needs to be done to get you back to health.

This appointment is the most critical, as we will be going over step, by step specific recommendations to help you to achieve optimum health.

Maximized Living Makeovers

The point of this worldwide, quarterly event is to bring the principles of Maximized Living to the people. Cutting edge research, innovative event programs and passionate educators come together to deliver vital information that can save lives. Become part of a nationwide movement through your local Maximized Living Office.

Wellness Advisory Council

Our certified wellness providers are the Official Chiropractic and Performance council for USA Wrestling, USA Weight Lifting, USA Judo, USA Sitting Volleyball, the Colorado Rapids, the US Martial Arts Team, Professional MMA Teams and  hundreds of teams across the country from the junior to professional level.

Maximized Living Foundation

Bringing the true health to the most impoverished nations is an essential passion for Maximized Living doctors. This vision begins with the opening of our first Maximized Living Health Center in Harare, Zimbabwe. HIV Research, Pre/Post-natal Birth Training and studies on the impact of the 5 Essentials are just some of the current initiatives underway at this state of the art facility, the first of its kind on the continent of Africa.


Winning My Race

Through Winning My Race and our partnership with the Billion Soul Initiative, Maximized Living is dedicated to bringing the 5 Essentials to churches around the world. This innovative, makeover style program will change the way thousands of people see their health and help them to discover the energy, time and discipline to fulfill their destinies!


Autism Whisperers

The Autism Whisperers is a program dedicated to helping children in the autism spectrum, and to diminsihing the occurence of neurological disorders overall.

Maximized Living’s mission is to change and save lives, starting with yours. The 5 Essentials are more than an idea; they are shaping the way we think about our bodies, our lives and our ability to make the best decisions possible for our health. As our company grows, so will our programs and initiatives. We believe in a bright future, and it is our desire to share it with the world.

Dr. Matthew Herba, 158 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, FL (407) 327-9000