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What a pain in the neck!

Got Neck Pain? Top 5 ways Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help



Neck pain is one of the most common disorders for which people visit chiropractors. It is the second most common form of pain after back pains and headaches and migraine in the US. Approximately three-quarters of the total American population will be affected by neck pain at some point in time. Neck pains occur mostly when the joints, muscles, and ligaments in the neck become irritated or inflamed. Chiropractors are the experts and trained professionals in neuromusculoskeletal system and are ideal for treatment of neck pain.  The top 5 ways in which chiropractic adjustments can help in the treatment of acute and chronic neck pain and provide relief from it are as follows:

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Neck Adjustment

Neck adjustment is one of the cervical adjustments which chiropractic care recommends for relief in neck pain. Neck adjustments provide number of benefits like providing relief from pain and soreness and successful realignment of joints. Studies have shown that neck adjustments can induce a positive mental effect on the patient as it is related to release of pressure and accompanying relief. Neck adjustments can also release endorphins, which provide significant relief from pain.


Provide Alignment

Chiropractic care provides alignment and balance in the body which helps to provide relief in chronic joint pains. The manipulation and mobilization techniques used by the chiropractic care is highly effective in providing relief from chronic and acute neck pains. According to a study, chiropractic care is more effective and better at providing relief from neck pains than taking the regular medication and narcotics.


Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is one the major reasons for chronic pains and tensions. Severe and chronic inflammation has been linked to diseases and disorders like heart diseases, pain, and cancer. Chiropractic adjustments help in reducing joint restrictions and misalignments in the neck region. This leads to reduction of inflammation and improved functioning of the joints and the nervous system. This increase in mobility and improvement in nervous system and spinal health results in a better ability to manage neck pain.







Effective Pain Management

Chiropractic care provides effective pain management from neck pain. It helps to manage and relieve the swelling and discomfort caused by neck pain. Chiropractors diagnose the neck pain through palpation of joints of the neck. They use this procedure to detect joint tenderness and movement restrictions by feeling the spine with hands.  Chiropractic adjustments are very effective in addressing this problem and providing relief from neck pains. Chiropractic treats the root cause of joint pains instead of hiding the symptoms and giving temporary relief to the patients. It addresses the underlying cause of pain disorders like neck pain, headaches, low-back pain, sports injuries etc.


Increased Activity and Lifestyle

Chiropractors provide lifestyle advice which enables the patients to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle. The chiropractic care provides help with manipulating joints, soft tissues, and the spine to improve recovery time and prevent strain-related injuries. Chiropractic treatment also enhances the physical activity and performance thereby ensuring an active and fitness-oriented lifestyle for the patients.

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