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Your Visits to Our Winter Springs Practice

Your First Visit

On your first visit we will take a comprehensive look at your nervous system to see If we can help.

This process takes about 30-45 minutes.

Your Second Visit

On your next visit, we may need to do further testing, to see what level of chiropractic is right for you.   During this time you may be shown specific, individualized spinal rebuilding exercises that will speed your healing. We will take time to explain in detail where your are, how we might help you reach your health goals, and what needs to be done to get you back to health.This appointment is the most critical, as we will be going over step, by step specific recommendations to help you to achieve optimum health.

Dr Matt adjusting a family.

Dr Matt adjusting a family.

Regular Visits

Why is my spine important?

At our office we pride ourselves in respecting our patients’ busy lifestyles. Our office has the latest technology to make your adjustments as easy as possible for even those with the busiest schedules. This technology makes waiting in a waiting room a thing of the past. Our adjustment and exercise protocols typically take less than 20 minutes. That means is that you can spend more time outside our office enjoying your restored health.